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e ciggys on the bus troll level 10000

shreddington squam


It’s really quite amazing how one single person can cause so much emotional harm to another.

Dustin’s is unreal

Tingren and his ferocious dog. 

it took Reece, Tingren and myself all of 5 minutes to convince this kid to try a 10. He came within 90 on his first and only try. Seriously blown away and how good Anthony is.


Bastion Square//Victoria, BC

dude on the right is a hell of a guy. sold him pizza many times - real into his sports 

pretty much

pretty much

*nollie bigspin lip, nollie bigspin back lip.. nollie heel back lip

Chris Doyle: Rare Air. Couldn’t agree more with his closing words. 


I think this is from like 2002, casual street session with ma dawg

just moments before i trucked the toonie drop first try. reece’s phone died when i was rolling in so we lost the foots. i was feelin how fucking gnarly and plumish it was so i rallied all my tricks down in before driving to skate plaza and getting a switch hardflip down the 7 in the rain for shits and gigs. 


this is way good.